5 Ways To Reduce Your Fluoride Intake

This year in my English class, we were told to write an essay on something we were really passionate about, and I always did care about how fluoride was harmful for people but I didn’t really have the proof to why. So, I decided to research fluoride for my school paper and I’m so happy I did! Through all my research I figured out that fluoride is really, really bad!

5 Ways To Reduce Your Fluoride Intake | Read more to learn what fluoride could be doing to you and what you can do to stop it!


It’s hard to believe that fluoride is literally killing you since dentists tell you that your teeth benefit from this harmful chemical but in reality, it causes so much harm and there is really no proof of any real benefit. Still, your probably rolling your eyes as you skim over this but trust me on this! Even with just a quick search, you can find thousands of things fluoride has been linked to, or causes, some being:

Ways to reduce fluoride intake:

Unfortunately this is hard to control since practically everywhere, at least in the US, has fluoridated water. Every time you wash your hands, take a shower, or drink tap water you are intaking fluoride. Still, there are ways to reduce your intake, without breaking the bank.


1. Change your toothpaste and mouthwash

While simple and easy, your toothpaste contains the most amount of pure, concentrated fluoride that you use on a daily basis. But luckily there are now more brands than ever that carry fluoride- free toothpastes and mouthwashes, some ofmy favorites are: Dr. Watson’s, Dr. Bronner’s and Davids

5 Ways To Reduce Your Fluoride Intake | Read more to learn what fluoride may be doing to your body and how to stop it! Dr. Watson's GoGreen natural fluoride free toothpaste.


2. Say no to fluoride treatments

At the dentist, they will give fluoride treatments up to twice a year or even prescribe topical fluoride for at home use. But, there is absolutely no evidence proving any benefits, so quit getting that done! The treatments contain super highly concentrated amounts of fluoride so even if very small traces are swallowed, they are higher than any other source. And another plus, it may cost less since fluoride is can become an extra expense!


3. Don’t use non-stick pans

But they are so easy! Trust me, I really wish I could praise non-stick pans for the oil-free cooking, but with some research I can’t. There easiness comes with a price; each pan is coated with a highly fluoridated substance that also contains a ton of other chemicals. Overtime this releases into your food causing many harmful effects. So ya better tough it up and switch back to the good old-fashioned pans and use a little bit of coconut oil.


5 Ways To Reduce Your Fluoride Intake | Read more to find out what fluoride may be doing to your body and what you can do to stop it! Non-stick pans contain fluoride and other harmful chemicals, switch back to using a normal pans and a little but of oil.



4. Check your labels

Even though you might not think that fluoride is in the products you buy, it is in a lot of unexpected items like table salt and even some bottled water. Checking your labels and changing brands is an easy solution to a huge problem, just spend a little more time at the grocery store to make sure your getting the best products for you.





5 Ways To Reduce Your Fluoride Intake | Read more to learn what fluoride may m=be doing to your body and what you can do to stop it. One way is to cut out green and black teas from your diet because of the fluoride they have.

5. Switch your tea

While teas hold a lot of different nutrients, green tea and black tea can contain high levels of fluoride. But if you still want to drink these teas, invest a bit more money into the quality of your tea which will help reduce worries about fluoride and ensure that you ┬ácan still get the most nutrients out of your tea. You could also try drinking fruit-based or herbal teas which don’t have the same dangerous properties and still offer a lot of the health benefits.



*I am not a professional, this article is meant to inform, not advise health decisions in your life. Read this at your own risk and realize I’m not responsible for health decisions you make based on this article. Please make well-informed decisions and seek a professionals advice.



  1. October 2, 2017 / 6:04 pm

    I had no idea that fluoride was in tea! It’s very interesting that there is no evidence of it’s benefit, since it’s been sold as something so important for our oral health for decades.

    • October 3, 2017 / 4:58 pm

      Yes there is so much false information being thrown at us about fluoride! Thanks for reading Lyddiegal!

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